Ron Mathison*, Zimmerman City Council

Ron Mathison*

Age: 63

Family: Single

Occupation: Retired after 37 years at Hoffman Engineering after discharge from U.S. Army.

Previous civic and community involvement:

Park Board 14 years

U.S. Army 1968 to 1971

Legion Club Member

Christ Our Light Catholic Church Member

1. What prompted you to run for the Zimmerman City Council?

I have been active in City civic affairs for almost 20 years, ever since I joined the Zimmerman Lions Club. When you belong to a service organization, you become more aware of the community’s needs.

2. What makes you qualified to be a member of the City Council?

In addition to lifelong area residency, I’m retired. I have more time to devote to the job.

3. What are the top three issues facing the City of Zimmerman?

1. The budget during these tough economic times.

2. Expanding the city parks for youth athletics.

3. Replacing an aging infrastructure.

4. What distinguishes you from your opponents and makes you a better choice for the position?

I’m the only candidate who has served on any of the City’s committees (Park Board for 14 years).

I have only missed 5 City Council meetings in 18 years.

5. What decisions of the council have you liked, and which ones have you disliked?

I have been on the council for 4 years. I like the diversity of the council members.

6. What are your thoughts on the groundswell of support for an auditorium in Zimmerman. What role should the city play in this endeavor. What role would you play in this endeavor.

I like the idea of a proper auditorium, and yes I would support it publicly.

7. What should the city’s role be in improving transportation in the short-term and the long term.

Extension of Metro Bus Lines for daily commuters.

8. What will your approach be to balancing the city’s budget. Under what conditions would you support a tax increase.

I’m already on the council, and we don’t spend any of the taxpayer’s money unless we have to.

9. What are the needs of the youth in Zimmerman, and what can be done about them?

We definitely need more athletic fields, but we don’t have the funds to do it.

10. How would you assess the level of partnership between the City of Zimmerman and other governmental agencies. Do you see a need for more collaboration, and, if so, where?

We are already collaborating with other government agencies.

11. What needs to be done to support economic development in the City of Zimmerman?

We have an industrial park ready to be occupied, plus a designated one ready to develop.

12. What would you like to be able to say about Zimmerman in 10 years that can’t be said now?

This has always been a good place to live, and raise a family!! And always will be!!!