Roland (Rollie) Lange, Sherburne County Board of Commissioners District 3

Roland (Rollie) Lange
Age: 62
Family: Married for 40 years to my best friend Mary. We have two daughters and four grandchildren. Three boys and the granddaughter attends Dancing on Broadway in Elk River. She is very good!
Occupation: Regional Sales Director for Clearent LLC. based out of St.Louis Mo. We specialize credit card processing and processed over $1.5 billion year in volume. I have been in the industry since 1995.
In addition, I have in the past of extensive retail and marketing services experience.
Previous civic and community involvement:
1982 was nominated for ten outstanding young Minnesotans for my work with Crime Stoppers and a member Scared Straight program for youth.
Santa For hearing impaired.
Chairman of GREC Charter High School in St.Cloud.
10 plus year as a girls traveling basketball coach
Former sanctioned basketball referee
1.What prompted you to run for the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners?
As I see the solders return, in airports and in public setting I always greet them and say thank you. Many come back with scares mentally and bodily . I thought, I need do to do more. It is my time to at least try to pay back to a country who has gave so much.
I think I can make a difference, even in a small way, with talents and time.
2. What makes you qualified to be a member of the County Board?
40 years of business experience. I have hired hundreds of folks over the years. I have have success and failure in Business, One thing I have learned is to never ever give up.
I am trained as a public speaker, very good listener and communicator. I know who I am, and my leadership skills will be an asset. I wish to share this to make this a better place to live,
3. What are the top issues facing Sherburne County?
Jobs by far! Have you noticed we are a drive through county? I want to put on the brakes and get tourists and businesses to do business here.
Boldly state Sherburne county goal to be a drug free county. I will support to make this county the Maricopa county of north! You sell or mule drugs here and sell to our kids we are taking you to the woodshed and more!
4. What distinguishes you from your opponent and makes you a better choice for the position?
I am:
Independent Conservative
Fiscal Conservative
Favors Voter ID
Does not support expansion of the North Star
Supports Property Rights and Gun rights
Opposes agenda 21
Support lowering property taxes
Support Drug Task Force
Develop Safe house for battered women & children in the county
5. What will your top goals as a Sherburne County Commissioner be?
My goal is to establish jobs in Sherburne County. Sherburne County is a drive through county. Therefore, I propose a SALUTE CENTER west of Clear lake on highway 10.
The theme is to have Soldier Statues in a garden like area from Civil War through the Mideast Wars saluting the Old glory in the middle,
In addition, a Salute Statue to the Minnesota Farmers. (more next
6. Is it important for the county to continue supporting Northstar Commuter Rail as a transportation option for residents’ business and recreational use? Do you support the extension of the Northstar Commuter Rail Line to St. Cloud?
Question; Why doesn’t Burlington Northern haul people? Answer: It’s  not profitable! So why support a huge financial hangman noose on the taxpayers. I rather invest in jobs and small business.
It costs more than it will ever be worth! Answer is NO
7. What initiatives would you support to improve government for Sherburne County residents?
In addition, a Salute Statue to the Minnesota Farmers. I envision a John Deere Tractor in background with a family of four at the table saying grace over a meal.
Financial considerations from Corporate and fundraising efforts.
The Center
A village like stop with Motel(s), small stores, Bakery, Family Style Restaurant and a place for re-fueling Autos, trucks & RV’
8. If the board continues to keep the county levy from growing through the coming years, where should commissioners place priorities when costs are certain to grow?
Well lets share the big secret! Did you know the county has tucked away $87 million in money market and U.S securities! Interest is about 1.4 million thrown into the general fund with out purpose!
No need! We have the monies and to reinvest it lower property taxes for businesses to grow or move here.
The incumbent did not even know it existed! (debate ER city hall on tape)
9. What are the biggest threats facing Sherburne County? What can be done about them?
Drugs are a major problem as incomes drop and families fall apart.
Tough on drug dealers and mules. You sell here to our kids you will not like here. I will work with the DA office, Sheriff and Judicial elements to fund law enforcement.
As a result we have no place for battered women and their families. i support such a effort.
10. What decisions of the county board have liked. What decisions of the county board have you not liked?
Boards are very limited in my view to what they can really do! Why? because some 70 percent of the budget mandated from the State and the Feds! Time to stand up to unfunded mandates and the bullies at the state the and Federal level.
Real leadership and fresh ideas seem to have been hidden!

Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce Questions

Should Sherburne County change how it funds its share of Northstar operations?

Yes, stop funding would be the best!

What steps would you consider to reduce the property tax burden to local businesses?

This a huge issue, as a guy has paid taxes, It is a rope around the neck of business. We have $87 million in the investment fund! Call it the county’s little nested secret! Yet keep taxing small businesses to the hill. I will ask for a meeting(s) to meet business owners how best to approach the $87 million dollar fund. Expand the tax base and to lower taxes!

Does the County need greater flexibility and control over how it spends its own budget and if yes, how would you work to affect that type of change?

As I mentioned about 70 percent of budget is mandated, the rest is operations. We need everyone to talk to St. Paul to stop unfunded mandates!