Poor approach to a perceived problem

A constitutional amendment for photo ID is a poor approach to a perceived problem of voter fraud.

Several reasons include the following:

1)Unknown costs ranging from estimates from $3 million to $67 million, negating the claim of this change being free, costing  nothing.

Minnesota Association of Townships estimates the cost to townships from one and a half to three million.  Although the individuals needing to be furnished with voter ID would not be charged, taxpayers will end up paying for any expense in implementation.

2)The requirement for “substantially equivalent and eligibility verification” process is not defined within the amendment.

3)Provisional ballots will require additional election judges for nearly all precincts, more clerk hours, identifiable and secure separation and handling, in addition to a second trip for the voter to certify his identity.

4)In order to accommodate provisional ballots, no election results should be announced until all valid votes are certified.  Imagine waking up to hear the national election results while knowing that so far no Minnesota votes can be included!

5)The full constitutional amendment language will not be presented to the voters on the ballot.

6)If electronic voting later becomes feasible and instituted, and this constitutional amendment has passed, Minnesota will face a voting quandary because photo ID will be required prior to receiving a ballot.

This amendment proposed by the conservatives –straight party-line vote—shows the result of a dysfunctional legislature. The party for less government is calling for more government intervention here.  Photo ID should be in the statutes so it can be adaptable to change; this would not be true if it were placed in the constitution.

Minnesota has long been a leader in voter turnout and clean elections.  The thorough election-judge training and multiple methods to challenge voters are already in place.  Voting No on this amendment is in Minnesota’s best interest! — Don Sherper, Elk River