Mitchel Faust, Otsego City Council

Mitchel Faust

Age: 22

Family: Angie Faust (mother), Tony Faust (father), Nathan Faust (brother), Elliot Faust (brother)

Occupation: Student of Political Science and International Relations at St. Cloud State University.

Previous civic and community involvement: I spent my entire youth growing up in this community. I was one of the first to attend Otsego Elementary. Much of my summers were spent enjoying the community parks and biking throughout the neighborhood. As an adult, I plan to start giving back to the community that offered me so much throughout my youth.

1. What prompted you to run for the Otsego City Council?

I am seeking a career in public service and feel this election is a great place to start.

2. What makes you qualified to be a member of the City Council?

I feel my education will serve me well if elected. In December, I will be graduating from St. Cloud State University with a degree in Political Science and also a degree in International Relations. I have also worked as an intern with the City of Waite Park. As an intern, I worked on a number of projects including animal control, park policy, and drafting ordinances.

3. What are the top three issues facing the City of Otsego?

Economic Development



4. What distinguishes you from your opponents and makes you a better choice for the position?

I feel that my youth gives me a big advantage. Not only am I young and ambitious, but also less opinionated. Being less opinionated will bring new or alternative ideas to the council. If elected, I plan to govern in a way that benefits the community as a whole. I will not be led astray by anyone seeking personal benefit.

5. What decisions of the council have you liked, and which ones have you disliked?

In the past, Otsego has been blessed with strong leadership. If elected, I can only hope to add to this tradition.

6. What should the city’s role be in improving transportation in the short-term and the long term.

Throughout my campaign, I have heard a lot of concern about roads. I feel this is a major issue facing Otsego. If elected, I will work with the council and administration in deciding how to better improve city roads.

7. There has been economic activity of late stimulating Otsego’s downtown. What more can be done to speed up economic development in the downtown area or further development elsewhere in the city.

Our city needs to be aggressive. We need to look at providing more incentives that make doing business in Otsego more attractive. If elected, I will work with the council and the administration to make this possible.

8. What will your approach be to balancing the city’s budget. Under what conditions would you support a tax increase.

We can look to balance the budget by finding ways to make city services more efficient. There will always be room for improvement. Furthermore, we must invest in economic development. Investing in economic development now will pay off in the long run by widening the tax base.