Lessons translated from field to school

I am writing this letter to express my support for Senate Candidate Paul Perovich. My husband and I have had the pleasure of knowing Paul his wife Susan and their children for the last eight years. We had the great luck to have Paul coach our son John in baseball for three of those years and in that time, he showed John that there is so much more to the games than how to hit or field a baseball. Paul demonstrated to all the parents that he was more concerned with teaching young men than winning baseball games, something a lot of youth coaches should take to heart. I remember him telling us not to worry about wins, they will come later and we will not only have better baseball players but we will have better students, thinkers, and young men. He was right on all counts, the wins came, and the lessons taught did translate not only to the classroom and but through out John’s dealings with friends as well as his family.

I am a teacher in the Elk River School district and in my opinion I know Paul is the only candidate that will put our schools and children first on his agenda. We have spent time talking about children, schools and the challenges of today’s classroom. Paul has shown me that he does have insight and understands the student problems, the budget issues and the solutions we teachers all share in today’s school environment.

Paul is dedicated to our youth and I know he will bring this kind of energy and foresight to the Minnesota Senate.  — Lisa Rebrovich, Big Lake