Joe Rockstroh, Zimmerman City Council

Joe Rockstroh

Age: 50

Family: Wife Brenda son’s Anthony, Kenneth and Cole Daughter Samantha

Occupation: Welder for NEMI manufactoring in Zimmerman and a delivery driver for Dominos in Zimmerman.

Previous civic and community involvement: None

1. What prompted you to run for the Zimmerman City Council?

Help the city of Zimmerman.

2. What makes you qualified to be a member of the City Council?

Longtime resident of the city of Zimmerman.

3. What are the top three issues facing the City of Zimmerman?

Bringing jobs to the city, the large number of foreclosed houses in the city and the city’s budget.

4. What distinguishes you from your opponents and makes you a better choice for the position?

I work for two of the companies here, and also have a relative who owns a small business so have firsthand knowledge of the issues they face

5. What decisions of the council have you liked, and which ones have you disliked?

Upgrade of County Road 4 and allowing the ice rink to be built are both decisions that I have liked and have and will benefit the city of Zimmerman. Sorry to say the constant fighting and repetitive arguing over the same issues every month is something I very much dislike.

6. What are your thoughts on the groundswell of support for an auditorium in Zimmerman. What role should the city play in this endeavor. What role would you play in this endeavor?

I like the fact that the residents want to enhance the community, but the role of the city should be as an advisor and not the banker. Corporate and personal funding should be used.

7. What should the city’s role be in improving transportation in the short-term and the long term?

Continue to maintain the roads to keep them in drivable condition until the long term solution of an overpass is built.

8. What will your approach be to balancing the city’s budget? Under what conditions would you support a tax increase?

Keep the cities spending in check, and under no circumstances would I support a tax increase to the city of Zimmerman’s residents.

9. What are the needs of the youth in Zimmerman, and what can be done about them?

They need to be able to get jobs that are close to home, and they could do that if manufacturing businesses were brought to the city,

10. How would you assess the level of partnership between the City of Zimmerman and other governmental agencies. Do you see a need for more collaboration, and, if so, where?

My opinion is that the city works well with the other governmental agencies. Although, I would like to see some collaboration with them to get the overpass that is so badly needed to be built.

11. What needs to be done to support economic development in the City of Zimmerman?

Lower fees and taxes for the businesses and it will entice new businesses and balance the city’s budget.

12. What would you like to be able to say about Zimmerman in 10 years that can’t be said now?

We are growing and thriving and have brought new businesses to our city.