Ask a Chief: Is hunting allowed in Elk River?

Yes, and no.  Though many areas of Elk River appear rural and undeveloped, the rapid growth in population and residential development over the past 25 years has made it necessary to restrict hunting and the discharge of dangerous weapons in many areas of the city. However, even in restricted areas, hunting is still possible by obtaining a permit through the police department. The permit process is free, can be accomplished in days, and enables the safety and suitability of hunting a certain portion of land to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Permit applications can either be picked up at the police department, or downloaded from the city of Elk River web site, Just click on Departments, Police Department, and Applications. A map is also viewable showing open and closed hunting areas.  Section 50-111 through 118 of the city code (also viewable on line) addresses hunting and the discharge of dangerous weapons within the city of Elk River. Due to the detail of the ordinance, everyone is encouraged to thoroughly review it before hunting or shooting within the city. Everyone is also reminded that even with a city hunting permit, all state and federal hunting regulations are in effect. Have a safe fall.–Police Chief Brad Rolfe