Adam Mitlyng, Otsego City Council

Adam Mitlyng

Age: 37

Family: I have been married to Andrea for 11 years and we have three children, Ethan (6), Logan (4) and Avery (3) and our dog, Gus (8).

Occupation: I am a MN State Certified Building Official. I am currently employed by the City of Coon Rapids as a Code Enforcement Technician.

Previous civic and community involvement: I am a volunteer at my son’s school. In addition, my family enjoys the many community activities provided by the City throughout the year.

1. What prompted you to run for the Otsego City Council?

As a homeowner in Otsego for over ten years, I want to be an informed and active resident of my city. I want to continue to make Otsego a great place to live and raise a family. I can’t think of a better way of accomplishing this than by serving as an Otsego Council Member.

2. What makes you qualified to be a member of the City Council?

I take pride in the place I call home. I want to serve on the Council to grow this great city so that more people learn about Otsego and want to call Otsego home both professionally and personally. My greatest qualification is my desire to see the City stay a safe and prosperous place to live.

3. What are the top three issues facing the City of Otsego?

First, I think the lack of businesses and jobs in the City are an issue that will likely continue until the economy improves. Secondly, would be the large tax burden we face from the hospital district levy. Last but not least, the City lacks an identity. Too many people pass through Otsego without realizing they have done so.

4. What distinguishes you from your opponents and makes you a better choice for the position?

I feel my employment with the City of Coon Rapids provides me with an understanding of local government and the importance of communicating with residents. My experience working in the public sector provides me a great foundation to help the Otsego Council accomplish its goals. I feel I can provide some new views to help the City continue to grow in the future.

5. What decisions of the council have you liked, and which ones have you disliked?

The City Staff and Council do a good job balancing the budget and keeping taxes as low as possible while still meeting the basic services for the residents of Otsego. I appreciate the fact that the Council attempted to detach the City from the hospital district. Starting the Otsego Parks and Recreation program was a great addition for our residents as well.

6. What should the city’s role be in improving transportation in the short-term and the long term?

The City should continue listening to it’s residents to improve any transportation issues that may arise. It is in the best interest of the City and it’s residents to address safety concerns in a timely manner. Staying informed and making sound decisions regarding transportation issues will be an important role in facilitating future development.

7. There has been economic activity of late stimulating Otsego’s downtown. What more can be done to speed up economic development in the downtown area or further development elsewhere in the city.

I think we need to become more competitive with surrounding communities as we focus on development. The City should provide incentives to businesses to expand or move to Otsego. The City needs to approach each new business on a case by case basis and grant incentives to those that meet a specific criteria as set by the Council.

8. What will your approach be to balancing the city’s budget. Under what conditions would you support a tax increase.

I want the City to run as lean as possible and still meeting the needs and wants of it’s residents. I will support staffing concerns that may be needed to improve or expand future levels of service as the City continues to grow. I would support an increase only if all other options have been exhausted and the budget for basic services required an increase.