There is an important vote in this election

Voting for someone to represent our interests is crucial and we have a choice between Sondra Erickson and Joe Walsh. According to, Sondra Erickson is a member of ALEC and Joe Walsh is not. It’s that simple. ALEC is an organization that claims to be bipartisan but is not. ALEC is funded by big corporations and they have an agenda. Their agenda is to pass legislation that puts corporate interests ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans including privatization of public education. Please spend some time researching ALEC (besides their own website) and ask yourself, “Why are pandering and changing laws to benefit big corporations including multinational corporations good for our district, good for our state and good for our country?” Why did Sondra Erickson sign on to be a member of ALEC? How do you get representation when you have a representative that has signed on to an organization to do the bidding for Exxon, AT & T, Wal-Mart and the Koch Brothers?

In looking at Sondra Erickson’s voting record, you often see that she votes “no” on bills that will benefit the citizens of our district and “yes” to bills that help big corporations. Check out her voting record on environmental issues and education issues. We need a grassroots person like Joe Walsh who wants to represent our community interests, not pander to ALEC. — Deb Lavoie, Milaca