Riebel: A strong and consistent advocate

I am writing this letter in support of John Riebel, who is running for re-election to the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners. I have known John for more than 30 years and have always found him to be an ethical, caring and community-minded person

John has lived in Sherburne County his entire life. One of his ways of paying back Sherburne County for the good life it has provided him and his family was to become active in local government. After serving a stint on the Becker Township Board, John was first elected to the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners in 2004 and has served since that time as the commissioner representing District 3. The most recent redistricting has expanded District 3 to include the entire Elk River Ward 2.

Throughout his service on the County Board, John has been a strong and consistent advocate that all residents of Sherburne County receive quality, efficient and cost-effective services from the county. John is a good listener and is always receptive to hearing from constituents about county issues. Anyone visiting John’s hardware store in Becker will likely find John soliciting and listening to customer comments about the state of the county. John will continue be a good listener as he serves new constituents in Elk River’s Ward 2 and welcomes their comments and suggestions. One of John’s strong qualities is that in addition to listening he provides solid leadership as needed in behalf of his constituents.

In addition to serving on the County Board, John’s community service has involved extensive volunteer work with the American Legion (both locally and at the district level), with the Sherburne County Fair and as a volunteer Santa. One of my favorite memories of John is the time he came to play poker dressed in his Santa Claus suit. He was coming directly to our game from playing Santa for a local charitable organization.

Please join me in voting for John Riebel Nov. 6. — John Kuester, Elk River