Man for this position already has the job

This letter of endorsement is written for Larry Farber, who is running for the position of county commissioner in Sherburne County.

I have known Larry since my childhood, and have had the opportunity to be a part of his family. But more so, he has become a mentor and friend to me for many years. Larry has always been true to his word. When he says he will do something he has always followed through and has done it.

Larry always has an ear open to listen to people and their ideas. I have seen Larry get pulled aside on several family occasions to discuss and listen to people about different issues. I am proud to say he never sighed. He just listened and then got the job done.

What I see the most in Larry is his compassion for the community. His whole entire life has been in public service and he has done a wonderful job working as your county commissioner. Larry retired from law enforcement after serving for over 28 years. Larry has also served this community being on the City Council. Larry for the past four years has looked out for the county’s best interest not his own. Not only is Larry committed as your county commissioner, but he also gives back through being a part of Lions Club. Many hours are spent to make sure this county is being run successfully.

Larry is currently the county’s chair and from the meetings I have attended, he is very well respected by his peers and others. Larry has spent countless hours running to several committees and meetings to make sure our tax dollars are being spent wisely. Larry considers this a full-time job, not a retirement job! From what I have seen, Larry treats it that way.

Larry is extremely knowledgeable in being your county commissioner and has proven this many times over. Larry will spend the time getting to know who you are and listen to your thoughts. Given another four years I know Commissioner Farber will continue to be your professional spokesperson for Sherburne County within the county and throughout the state.

The man for this job is the one who is already there, Commissioner Farber. In times like these, you need someone who is 100 percent committed to this county and Larry will treat it as he always has, a full-time job. — Travis Basavage, Big Pine Key, Florida