Kiffmeyer wrong in her claim of simplicity

Mary Kiffmeyer is wrong in a claim she made in her Oct. 12 commentary, called “Photo ID — A Simple Solution To Voting Problems.” What she says is simple is not. This amendment spells out no details but Kiffmeyer claims military voters won’t be “affected by state laws or the constitution” because of certain federal law. Not true!

Federal laws might ensure our servicemen and women get ballots, but they won’t ensure these same ballots are actually counted back home if this poorly written amendment passes. The wording states that all voters, including those not voting in person, must meet the requirements. This is restrictive on our military men and women. This amendment, if it passes, goes into our constitution. We cannot go back and change it later. Our military people deserve the right to vote and be counted. Vote “no” Nov. 6. — Nancy Schumacher, Elk River