Fisher challenges Peppin for new House district

Residents of Dist. 34A (which includes Dayton, Rogers and parts of Maple Grove) will vote Tuesday, Nov. 6, in the general election to fill the Minnesota House of Representative seat.

Candidates appearing on the ballot include incumbent Joyce Peppin, who is being challenged by Adam Fisher for the state representative seat. Both are residents of Rogers.

The candidates were asked to include their thoughts in statements. Each were asked to include in a response:

1. Candidate biography: Please include a short biography of yourself, your background, your personal and professional experiences and any other information you wish to share.

2. Candidate statement: Please comment on the top issues you feel are important in this election. Explain any changes you would like to see made to address House District 32B’s most urgent problems.

The responses received include:


Adam Fisher

Candidate Biography:

Adam is a problem solver, not a career politician. Adam has a Ph.D. in physics and works as a computer programmer for a large technology company.

His wife, Cori, is a personal trainer in Champlin. Adam and Cori live in Rogers with their four sons, two at Rogers High School and two at Rogers Middle School.


Candidate Statement:

Adam decided to run because we deserve a better state government than the one we have. We need to have problem solvers representing us, not lawyers and career politicians. If elected, my highest priority will be to balance the state budget without school shifts and accounting tricks. If we continue on an “all cuts” solution for Minnesota’s budget problems, many essential state programs will be devastated. I support a balanced approach of budget cuts and tax increases. Real solutions are not easy, but they last more than one election cycle. We need stability in our funding of our schools, universities and local governments.

Adam will vote against the same sex marriage ban amendment. This amendment is not up to Minnesota’s standards. I work for a company that has come out against this amendment, as it will hurt efforts to recruit the best and brightest employees we can find.

Adam will vote against the voter ID amendment. This amendment is an attempt to side-step the normal legislative process and it relies on the next legislature to fill in the details. To protect the integrity of our voting system, any changes to voting procedures should be done in a bipartisan way through the normal legislative process, not as a highly partisan constitutional amendment.

Adam believes in the second amendment and the right to bear arms. Adam believes that this is an important check on government power, instituted by the founders of our nation. Adam does not believe that this was meant to prevent all gun legislation. Adam opposes concealed carry and stand-your-ground laws.

Adam believes in science-based sexual education. Abstinence-only education sounds good, but does not adequately address the problems of teenage pregnancy and STD transmission. Laws should be judged on their consequences, not their titles.

Adam believes that abortion should be safe, legal and rare. Adam believes that we should adopt practical policies that move toward that goal, since most Minnesotans agree on this issue, but have been forced by career politicians to support one extreme position or the other.

Adam believes that state government should be run by citizen legislatures, that have regular jobs to go back to when the session is done. Adam believes that laws should be judged on their consequences. If you don’t like the way your state government has been behaving lately, vote for Adam Fisher.


Joyce Peppin

Candidate Biography:

I’ve had the privilege of serving in the Minnesota House for the past eight years in a variety of leadership roles, the last two as chair of the Government Operations and Elections Committee.

Prior to serving in the legislature, I worked in the private sector as manager of public relations for U.S. Bancorp. I have bachelor’s degrees in political science and speech communications from the University of Minnesota-Duluth; a master’s degree in business from the University of St. Thomas and am currently a second year law student at William Mitchell College of Law.

I’m married with two daughters.


Candidate Statement:

The new Republican legislative majority took over in 2011 facing a $6 billion deficit during one of the rockiest times in Minnesota’s economic history. With our eyes toward improving the economy and protecting Minnesotans’ pocketbooks, we issued a slate of initiatives designed to restore economic confidence, grow the private sector, reform education and health care, and reduce the size and cost of government.

The result: a $1.2 billion surplus, the creation of over 40,000 jobs in the private sector, and a state government that is more transparent, efficient and accountable to the people who depend on its services.

My top priorities are putting Minnesotans back to work, getting our economy moving again and continuing to be a strong voice for responsible budgeting. Our economic recovery will be fueled by small business expansion. Government’s role must be to eliminate the barriers and burdensome regulations that hinder small business start-ups. Legislators should implement fair tax policy and ensure a level playing field so job creators can secure the capital they need to succeed in a competitive market.

I am proud to once again have been recognized as a friend of the taxpayer. Government must live within its means, not only when times are good, but especially during times of economic challenge. That is why I successfully passed legislation creating the Minnesota Sunset Commission to annually review and abolish unnecessary and duplicative government. I have also championed zero-based budgeting as a tool that will enable lawmakers to undertake the type of structural reform necessary to end the fiscal roller coaster that has plagued our budget process over the past decade.

Securing fair education funding for northwest suburban schools is a key concern. At the same time, I continue to support needed reforms in teacher compensation and licensure, and to eliminate restrictive state mandates that hamper local school district oversight and governance. Minnesota is an education leader due to the strong system of public, private, parochial and home schools we maintain.

It is an honor to represent you in the Minnesota House. I have worked hard to be accessible and to vote in a way that best represents the concerns of the families I represent. I value your opinion, welcome your input and encourage you to contact me if I can be of assistance to you or your family at any time. I respectfully ask for your vote.