Extreme golfing: One day, two men, seven rounds of golf

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by Joni Astrup

Associate editor

Erik Haselius and Dave Butts golfed seven rounds in one day at Pinewood in Elk River, taking advantage of an all-you-can-golf deal.

That’s 63 holes each.

Erik Haselius (left) and Dave Butts golfed seven rounds in one day.

“One more nine-hole round and they would have played as many holes in a day as the pros play in an entire golf tournament,” said Paul Anderson, Pinewood Golf Course superintendent.

The two, who are brothers-in-law, made the most of a special Sunday, Oct. 21, where a golfer could play as many rounds as he or she wanted for one green fee.

Their golf marathon cost a total of $39, which included a green fee for each of them and a golf cart rental. It came out to about 30 cents a hole.

The two teed off around 9:15 a.m. and finished up about 6:30 p.m. at the city-owned, nine-hole course located at 18150 Waco St. They took one break to go grab a bite to eat at Arby’s; otherwise it was a full day of golf.

And both said they could have kept going.

“I had another round or two in me if the sun would have stayed up,” Haselius said.

“I had no problem with it. I wanted to go one more round,” Butts said. “It’s the end of the season so I’m trying to get as much golf in as possible before it snows.”

Anderson said it was nice to see customers enjoying the fall weather and the terrific conditions at the golf course — “especially at Pinewood where there are not any leaves to lose your ball in.”

Butts, of Coon Rapids, has been golfing for about six years. One of the last rounds that he played Sunday at Pinewood was his personal best at that course.

Their scorecard showing four of the seven rounds they played.

Haselius, of Big Lake, also got his best score at Pinewood that day, hitting a 35 on the third or fourth round. He even got a birdie on one hole, which is one stroke under par. He said that is almost unheard of for him.

“It was just a great day to golf. I even missed the Vikings game and that’s something I don’t do very often,” Haselius said.

This isn’t the first time the two have taken a sport to extremes. Haselius said they used to bowl at an all-you-can-bowl event at in Brooklyn Park.

“We’d usually get in at least a dozen games,” he said.