Exercise your chance to support local education

There’s the infamous cup of Caribou coffee, or perhaps the membership to Netflix, satellite radio in our cars, or the donation to MPR. These are some of the smaller things we spend a monthly amount on, and by choice. We do need to add another “small” item to the list — education.

If I were to tell you the things ISD 728 can do with levy dollars, or can’t without the levy dollars, I will tell you nothing new. The plain truth is funds for education are being cut at all levels — federal, state and down. This leaves us, the residents, to continue to fund education in our school districts. This is my school district and therefore my opportunity to contribute to my community.

Please vote “yes” for the school levy. Please choose to support something as important as education, something that in turn supports our community. — Luana Burlingame,, Elk River