Burandt well qualified to be on City Council

We have never had a candidate more qualified for the position on the Elk River City Council than Barbara Burandt.

She has spent all her life serving people. In order to establish yourself and to be successful in any field, you must be respectful of everyone and you must respect others’ property as well as your own. You must also be an attentive listener. Our society has lost respect and has been halfway listeners. There is a real need to make certain that the listener hears what you are saying. Sometimes the listener interprets what you are saying differently. There is an old saying: “I thought a thought, but the thought I thought, wasn’t the thought I thought, I thought. I think if again I think, I will write it down in pen and ink.” I find that this is true in many cases!

Another quality that Barb has is that she is a researcher. She thoroughly researched the position of council person before filing. She is continually researching. She gets the facts before she makes a decision. It has been said, “…know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

Finally, we have a real need for a woman on the council. I believe a woman will restore respect to the council and also a woman views things differently than a man. Sometimes a person has to pause and rethink a decision.

Barb is a researcher, respectful, listener and whatever she does she does humbly and diligently.

Please, those of you in Ward 3, vote for Barbara Burandt. The entire city of Elk River will benefit from her wisdom and knowledge.—Lola Driessen, Elk River