Rogers students decorate media center with help from mosaic artist-in-residence

Lisa Arnold, artist-in-residence, coached a couple of RHS students. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


by Bruce Strand, Arts editor

Rogers High School art students had a chance last week to create visuals that students can enjoy for years to come.

Seven stained glass windows with nature themes were designed and assembled by Su Sebghati’s students, under the guidance of artist-in-residence Lisa Arnold.

The windows will be placed in the media center.

“This (art work) will be a legacy they leave for many generations,” said Arnold.

One of the student designs had a sun and cloud theme.

The artwork will replace regular windows.

“It’s a way to make the media Center look more alive,” said Sebghati. “There’s nothing up there now.”

Four art classes of 40 students each, 160 total, learned how to use the cutting and shaping tops, how to lay out a mosaic (from the outside in), and how to glue the pieces together, over a four-day period.

Each window had four separate groups of students working on them each day.

Sebghati appointed her top art students — Syd Schultz, Lizzy Meyer, Leanna Scharber, Kelly Schroeder and Nicole Magnuson — to come up with designs. There was a sun scene, a bird cage, fish jumping, a tree, daffodils, leaves and a butterfly.

Students put finishing touches on a mosaic. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

“We chose nature scenes, Minnesota nature,” said the teacher.

“It was cool to work with different mediums,” said Schultz, who normally draws and paints. “It was fun to mix it up a little bit.”

Arnold, Minneapolis-based artist, has worked with school and community groups around the state for several years. Rogers Elementary and  Great River Regional Library are two other local venues with mosaics from her week-long projects.

Syd Schultz (left) worked with other students on a window with a bird cage theme that she designed. (Photo by Bruce Strand)
Su Sebghati tidied up a butterfly mosaic that had just been finished. (Photo by Bruce Strand)