Two Nowthen residents honored for heroic actions

by Kelly Johnson

Special to the Star News

While they might not find their actions heroic, others do.

“These two men are indeed heroes,” said Anoka County Sheriff James Stuart.

Mark Poce (left) and Michael Coolidge were presented with a Citizen Award of Honor by the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office Oct. 15. Photo by Kelly Johnson

Mark Poce and Michael Coolidge received the Citizen Award of Honor from the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office Monday.

The Nowthen residents were honored for their actions Sept. 23.

That morning, each was driving along Nowthen Boulevard when they saw smoke and flames coming from a home on the 195 block of Nowthen Boulevard N.W.

Each man pulled over and ran to the burning home, checking to see if anyone was inside.

While Poce dialed 911, Coolidge broke a glass window, reached in and unlocked the door.

He saw a white sock and ran into the home, pulling the woman outside.

Both men gave aid to the woman, who was badly burned and suffering from smoke inhalation.

Coolidge, as well, suffered smoke inhalation.

Poce remained on the line with dispatch, providing aid to both the woman and Coolidge until first responders arrived on scene.

For their efforts Stuart presented Poce and Coolidge with medals and certificates commemorating their awards at a ceremony Oct. 15 at the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office in Andover.