Vote should go to Commissioner Farber

My family and I moved to Elk River after a co-worker spent many hours touting the benefits of God’s country. You know, “where the country meets the city.” That was 25 years ago. I learned that he was right when he told me that it was a great place to raise a few sons.

I spent the next 20 or so years almost every day listening to the same co-worker go on and on about what was happening on the city council or planning commission or how the police chief was doing such a great job or how the city saved a bunch of money on a sorely needed fire truck. Mundane details about funding for an ice arena and levies. Details on a new city hall. Frustrations with city managers and EDA members who had difficulty attracting and keeping businesses. I recall his admiration and support for a cop named Bruce Anderson when Bruce decided to run for sheriff and attained the position.

My co-worker’s name is Larry Farber.

In a June 15, 2012, Star News interview, Bruce Anderson explained in part his motivation for seeking the county commissioner seat currently held by Farber. “I think it’s healthy when these things have a little competition.” He suggested that voters should compare experience and make a decision.

Not to disparage a fellow law enforcement brother, I suggest your vote Nov. 6 should go to Larry Farber. Competition aside, Larry is doing a fabulous job as our commissioner the past four years and serves as chairman on multiple committees at the county level. He has reduced the county budget by over $6 million and not raised the levy in over three years, and he has the experience.

Like Bruce, he has spent a lifetime serving the public. I recall taking shifts for Larry so that he could use vacation and holiday time to make his city council meetings in the 1990s. He continued doing so as commissioner until his retirement. Larry is dedicated, capable and already has the job. Why slow the wheel of progress to train in an old dog when you already have a good bite on the situation?  — David Sorensen, Elk River, retired police officer