Retired fire chief gives nod to Anderson

I have had the opportunity as the former fire chief of the city of Elk River to work closely with each of the candidates for Sherburne County commissioner from District 1. I am supporting Bruce Anderson in the Nov. 6 election because of his integrity, commitment to the residents of Sherburne County and his innovative thinking. Bruce will bring his vast government knowledge, understanding, work-together attitude, hard-working ethic and first-hand experience as the former sheriff of Sherburne County to the County Board.

Both candidates are excellent people but I am supporting Bruce Anderson for District 1 commissioner because of his extensive work in county government, but more importantly the respect he has garnered not only in Sherburne County District 1, but the entire county.

Bruce Anderson will represent District 1 in the challenging times ahead with his strong, proven leadership skills in a cost-effective, fiscally responsible, efficient way. Bruce will listen to the residents of Sherburne County District 1 in a calm and respectful manner and value the opinion of each and every resident.

Please join me in supporting Bruce Anderson for Sherburne County District 1 commissioner on Nov. 6. — Bruce West, Elk River