Lange would make great commissioner

As the wife to Rollie Lange, candidate for Commissioner District 3, Sherburne County, I would like to tell you a little about “Rollie.” We have been married for 40 years; have two daughters and four grandchildren. We came to live in Becker three years ago and have made “This Best Kept Secret Our Home.”

As an advocate against violence towards women and their children, he is promoting a safe house. He understands a woman’s call for help and the need for a safe place to turn to. Rollie is focused on creating this kind of safe place in our county. You see, our family has been a victim of domestic abuse. We understand the need for women and children to be safe.

In addition, Rollie will be a strong leader, bringing his business savvy and leadership skills to create jobs for citizens of Sherburne County.

Rollie is an independent conservative seeking no endorsements from political persuasion. Please vote “Rollie Lange” Nov. 6. — Mary Lange, Becker