Exclusion is voter ID’s real motive

The real motive behind the proposed voter photo ID amendment is to exclude the disabled, the elderly and others who don’t drive, from voting. If voter fraud was truly a problem, the Legislature could have resolved it with legislation and the governor would have signed it into law.

Why focus on these most vulnerable groups? When groups or individuals become fearful they pick on those who are less likely to fight back. It’s the old “kick the dog” behavior. Since 9/11 Americans have become more fearful and the dumbing media has taken advantage of that fear.

This same group of fearful individuals would repeal the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and the 19th Amendment. They would make it a requirement to own property in order to vote. In 1780 it was determined that owning a donkey was considered owning property. As Ben Franklin said “The only thing coming between a Man and his vote is his ass.”

It is disappointing that the boys and girls representing us in St. Paul have spent time, energy and money to get this proposed amendment to the ballot. If every time they want something they know the governor is opposed to, and they lack the votes to override a veto, our ballots will be cluttered with many an issue.   We’ll become like California, the land of many a Proposition. It defeats the concept of representative government.

The photo ID is going to cost money. In difficult economic times, this is the last thing Minnesota needs. Vote NO on the (dumb) ID(ea) amendment. — Jane Odgers, Princeton