Citizens League stood up for third time

The Elk River Area Citizens League sponsored two forums within the past month in order to provide an opportunity for the community to ask questions of candidates before Election Day.

On Sept. 15, candidates for Elk River City Council wards 2 and 3 and candidates for School Board were invited to participate. All three city council candidates and four of the six school board candidates participated. On Oct. 6, all candidates for county commissioner races 1 and 3, state House District 30A, and state Senate 30 participated. The forums were well-attended and citizens provided numerous questions on a wide range of topics. The Citizens League is grateful to all who attended. And a special thanks to the Star News for its excellent coverage of the events, the city of Elk River for the use of its facilities and to Jake Peterson for his video services.

Rep. Michele Bachmann did not come to our Candidates Forum Saturday. Not only did she not come, but neither she nor a member of her staff choose to respond to our invitation either accepting or declining this opportunity to address her constituents.

This is the third time that Rep. Bachmann failed to attend our Candidates Forum.

Jim Graves, her Democratic opponent, came to the forum but due to a conflict could not speak at his appointed time. He had a legitimate reason, since he had an opportunity to be interviewed for MSNBC. He did, however, greet visitors in the lobby and provide some time to the 6th District constituents to ask questions of him.

The Citizens League is frustrated and disappointed that Rep. Bachmann manages to speak at forums in states outside her district, but cannot find the time to come to a key area in her district. Does she not understand the meaning of “representative”?

We believe Rep. Bachmann owes our league and the citizens in this Elk River area an apology for ignoring the voters in her district.— Peter Kimball, Elk River  (Editor’s note: Kimball wrote this on behalf of himself and the Elk River Area Citizens League)