Students experience traditional Indian music with live sitar concert

Salk Middle School sixth-grade students had a unique opportunity the last week of September to learn about the traditional music of India.  Learning first-hand, the sixth-grade general music class was treated to a live sitar concert by Mohan Padukone, the grandfather of eighth-grade Salk student Vinayak Rajesh.

Salk music teachers Phil deRosier and Susan Potvin coordinated with the Rajesh family to create this opportunity for their students.  Mohan and his wife, Shaila, who are from Bangalore City, India, are currently visiting their extended family in Elk River.

Ruma Rajesh, Vinayak’s mother, spent time with the students, teaching them about Indian music, including pictures and auditory examples of traditional Indian instruments.  After a short lesson, the students watched Padukone play his sitar. Padukone answered questions and allowed the students to try playing his sitar.