McDonough is the right kind of leader

I have had the privilege of knowing Mike for years now and there is no doubt as to the type of leader he is. Mike is a devoted husband and father and his love for his family shines through in everything he does. Mike cares deeply for his friends, church and community with word and deed. Mike’s dedication and commitment to his job is evident in how he deals with people. Mike is a leader in everything he gets involved with and he does not leave a problem unsolved.

When I heard that Mike was running for City Council, I couldn’t think of a better choice. When you talk to Mike about what it takes to fix our issues nationally or locally, you get a great sense of the leader that Mike is. Mike doesn’t spend time blaming a person or party for the issue at hand. He combines his passion, dedication and common-sense approach and comes up with a solution. Mike brings real conservative solutions to the issues that face his community he cares so much for. Mike will bring those solutions to the table, but when the discussions are over, he will roll up his sleeves and lead by action.

In our current system of so-called leaders that talk and change their views for personal gain, Mike McDonough is truly counter culture to those ideals. Mike stands on his beliefs and principles and is not afraid to tackle the big issues. Mike’s true conservative ideals bleed through when you talk with him. He is ready to put those ideals to work for Elk River as he has in his home and community. He is ready to use that passion, dedication and commitment to truly make his community better.  — John Prichard, Otsego