Levy information available at district website

Two levy questions relating to the Elk River Area School District are on the Nov. 6 ballot, and a link has been added to the district’s website by the district to help voters make informed decisions.

The link is at: www.elkriver.k12.mn.us/2012levy.

The first question on the ballot is a renewal of an expiring levy in the amount of $386 per student or a total of $5.75 million for the next 10 years.  Because this question extends an expiring levy at the same dollar amount, it is not expected to cause any significant changes in property taxes.

The second ballot question asks voters to approve a new 10-year levy in the amount of $400 per student, or a total of $6 million.

With passage of this levy, taxes will increase.  For Question 2 to be enacted, voters must first approve Question 1.

With approval of both questions from voters, the district will use the funding to:

•Maintain existing curriculum and programs, services, class sizes and staffing.

•Meet increasing state mandates.

•Support continued student achievement gains on the MCA assessments.

•Retain 5 percent of the current operating budget.

•Provide free, all-day, everyday kindergarten, technology and curriculum that directly impact the classroom and on-going operating expenses.

The website includes the exact wording of the two ballot questions, background about the specifics of each, detailed financial background information, statistics, data, explanation of taxes and levies, videos and more.  The site also includes an online calculator that allows the users to put in their information to determine their taxes.

For additional information, call Director of Community Engagement Charlie Blesener at 763-241-3522.