Impactful votes will be cast here

This year’s general election is rightly receiving abundant attention. A large voter turnout is expected to elect political leaders at all levels of government. Perhaps the most impactful vote to be cast will be for our municipal, county and state representatives. They are the ones that live in our neighborhoods and make decisions affecting our local taxes and how local government appropriates those revenues to provide services for the benefit of its citizens.

When voting for Sherburne County District One county commissioner, I will be voting for Bruce Anderson. I have known Bruce for over 30 years during his stellar service to the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department. His reputation is characterized by tireless leadership, impeccable integrity, open-mindedness, innovative thinking and financial responsibility. He knows how county government functions and benefits the citizens. In addition, he is one of the hardest working persons I have ever known. His work ethic will no doubt carry over to his service on our behalf as our county commissioner.

I ask you to join me in voting on Nov. 6 for Bruce Anderson for Sherburne County commissioner. — Stewart Wilson, Elk River