Zerwas is here to make a difference

I would like to say that we have never written to the editor on any subject over all the years living in our fine city — but I felt compelled to do so for our friend and future state representative, Nick Zerwas. We’ve known Nick and his wonderful family since Nick was in junior high here in Elk River, during the time he was going through his trials with his heart. One of our daughters (Dana) spent many a day and night going back and forth to the hospital making sure he was keeping his positive attitude. Nick learned many life lessons along the way, and as his ability to listen/ learn/ and lead has taken him to the level he’s at today. Now he is trying to take it another level — to help lead us out of the political mess we’re in. God kept Nick around us for a reason, and I believe Nick has found the venue to make a big difference in the world.

I can truly say that I can’t remember a time meeting Nick somewhere — where he didn’t have a genuine smile on his face, and he always takes care to ask how our family is doing. Julie — his wife — and Nick are a perfect couple, as she supports him on his trek to the top of the mountain, as NO man can do it alone.

We fully support Nick and his desire to become one of the best politicians this state has ever seen. Get to know him, you’ll feel the same way. — John and Lynn Osterman, Elk River