Zerwas has his support for 30A

I am writing to express my support for Nick Zerwas, who is running for the Minnesota Legislature in District 30A. I have known Nick on several levels, for many years. As a citizen who lives in Nick’s city council ward, as well as a local business owner, I know him to be a remarkable person with more valuable characteristics than I can possibly list here.

That having been said, there are seven words which succinctly sum up why I so strongly support Nick in this endeavor, and they are: Experience, integrity, accountability, intelligence, objectivity, rationality, and compassion.

Nick has a fantastic resume. His experience as both a public servant and in the private sector gives him the depth necessary to effectively represent us. His personal journey provides Nick with perspective few of us will ever have. Nick’s experience in law enforcement, both directly in his vocation and indirectly by growing-up in a distinguished law enforcement family, has created in Nick a rare and valuable sense of public/private partnership that few have developed.

Nick is a person of the highest personal integrity. His honesty is self-evident. His sense of service is life-long. Nick is the kind of person you are proud to call your friend. He is a man of his word, and that is a rare commodity.

Nick accepts accountability in a way that is both refreshing and encouraging. As a city councilman Nick has had to make many tough decisions, and cast many difficult votes. He takes a very considered position on all issues, and then stands behind his decision. I have never seen him swayed by criticism, nor attempt to hide from the position he has taken.

Nick is simply a very intelligent person. He has been blessed with great analytical ability, and is quick to see solutions, not just problems. He does not wallow in the fact that we face challenges, but turns his attention to meeting those challenges with effective and creative ideas.

Nick is objective. While his personal values and philosophy runs deep, and governs his world view, Nick has the ability to look objectively upon situations and issues as they present themselves, and always takes time to think before forming a position. Nick is of course a conservative, but he comes to that position by careful examination of issues and alternatives. This means in turn that Nick is rational. His political beliefs and positions are the result of careful consideration, sound foundational values, and an examination of what actually produces good results, as opposed to forming positions based solely on good intentions. Nick has very solid, closely held, and well defined beliefs, but he is not a blind ideologue.

Nick Zerwas is a man of great compassion. He is kind, he is decent, he cares deeply about people and what effects them, and he values the humanity in everyone he encounters. He is a man of conscience who understands that to hold an elective position is both an honor and a sacred responsibility.

For these and many other reasons I strongly encourage you to get to know Nick Zerwas, and vote for him on Nov. 6 as your representative for the Minnesota Legislature in district 30A. — John Houlton, Elk River