Vote yes for both levy questions

On Nov. 6, voters will be asked to make an important decision. One of the questions voters will be asked to consider is whether to increase the school district’s general education revenue by an additional $400 per student. For the average homeowner, this cost would be approximately $13.67 per month for a home valued at $150,000. This is not how much your taxes will be raised, but how much funding our school district will receive. If you choose to answer “yes” to this question, you will be approving a comprehensive, quality early education foundation by providing a free, full-day, everyday kindergarten class for all children.

We encourage you to involve your neighbors, work colleagues and community groups to become aware of needs of our children and vote in favor of the district referendum. We feel these questions are a cost-effective and relatively inexpensive way to meet the needs of our community by providing all-day kindergarten.

Invest early. Invest in our community. Invest in the education of our future parents, caregivers, legislators and leaders.

Please vote “Yes” for both ISD 728 questions 1 and 2. — Erin E. Talley, Maple Grove (Editor’s note: Talley submitted this on behalf of herself and Janine Ahrens, Elizabeth Hallquist, Colette Kilber, Carla Carlson and Anna Gagne.)