Important decision leads to Zerwas

I have voted all my adult life, and as I retired I looked at what was happen to our city, state and country and decided I needed to get more involved. At the caucus I became a delegate, in doing so I realized how important it is for everyone to elect the best person possible to represent us.

This person needs to have experience in the private sector, the public sector and also involvement in volunteering for all communities they represent. Going through this process I realized Nick Zerwas was the person I would support.

He has experience in the private and public sector. He has volunteered to help organizations throughout Big Lake, Elk River and Otsego. He has also volunteered on the National level for the Heart Association. As we near Election Day, I ask that everyone do their research and take a look at Nick Zerwas. God Bless America — Diane Schaefbauer, Elk River