Zimmerman royalty named

Zimmerman High School’s senior royalty granted their picture to be taken ahead of the homecoming celebrations next week.

From the back row, Ethan Luing, Gage Benjamin, Derek Faulkner and Mitch Robinson “seriously” contemplate the meaning of life while in the front row, Cassie Ortberg, Lexi Wiemeri, Bailey Bright and Alyssa Bright take a lighter view of the proceedings that run Sept. 24–28, including dress-ups such as Pajama Day, Party Rock Day, Blast from the Past, Stars and Stripes Day, and Spirit Day.

Friday, Sept. 28 will conclude with a pep fest, a football game, and a school dance. There also is a chance to win the “Best Seat in the House” in a $1 drawing, which awards the winner and two friends with a sofa with the best view of the game while being served pop, pizza and other snacks.

Tickets will be sold before the football game until the end of the first quarter.