Lynn’s song hits nail on the head

I turned on the radio and I heard “God Bless America Again” by Loretta Lynn. This was the first time I have heard it, and after I heard it I said to myself, this is exactly what we need!

So before retiring I went on the Internet to research it so I could share it with the readers of your paper. Hopefully  it touches others as it has me. — Lola Dressen, Elk River

(Editor’s note: The following are the lyrics to tune written by Conway Twitty and sung by Loretta Lynn:

God bless America again

you see all the troubles that she’s in 

Wash her pretty face 

dry her eyes 

and then God bless America again

God I sure to wish you bless America again 

You know like you did way back when it all began

You blessed her then but we just sorta kinda take it for granted 

And never did ask again 

So God just hold her hand that’s all 

And if she should stumble please don’t let her fall 

God bless America again… 

You know I don’t understand to everythin’ I’m readin’ here 

About what’s wrong with America 

And if you don’t have a lotta good learnin’ I guess there’s a lotta things you don’t understand 

But let me say this God she’s like a mother to me 

And though all I am or ever hope to be I owe to you and to her 

Wash her pretty face…)