Golf: ERGC’s Trochlil shooting his age (76) consistently

by Bruce Strand, Sports editor

Along with not having to get up early and go to work every day, and getting discounts at movies and Elk sports events, another perk of growing older is having a chance to “shoot your age,” one of those golfer milestones like a hole-in-one or your first par round.

Wally Trochlil, former Elk basketball coach, 76, has shot his age five times this summer. (Photo by Bruce Strand)

Of course, you have to be a pretty good golfer to start with, and Wally Trochlil certainly is. The former Elk boys’ basketball coach, 76, in is 50th year of golf, has shot his age or better five times this year, from 73 to 76, after achieving the feat for the first times last year, shooting 75 twice.

“It’s something you hear guys in the clubhouse talking about, so I suppose it’s kind of a big deal,” said Trochlil, who has a seven handicap. His main goal, though, is to shoot par, which he’s never done, coming within a stroke several times with 73s. “You always want to play the course,” said Trochlil. As for the hole-in-one, he crossed that off his bucket list four years ago on No. 4.

Trochlil played football, basketball and baseball at Franklin High School, served three years in the Army and spent four years in college before he took up golf in 1962 at age 26. A half-century later, he enjoys good health  and fitness, attributed to a sensible diet with plenty of fruit, plus three weekly sessions at the YMCA,  and “lots of walking and golf.”