Wonderful arts program needs auditorium space

In response to the growing debate over an auditorium being built in Zimmerman High School, I would like to take this opportunity to invite all parents, community members and students to attend an ad-hoc meeting at Zimmerman High School Thursday, Sept. 27, at 7 p.m.

The students and community in Zimmerman deserve a voice. We are here! We are now in our ninth year of doing high school productions, which translates into 21 shows, not including the fundraising shows, Prairie Fire Theater productions or the summer drama camps.

I am the parent of an eighth-grader and a 12th-grader, who have been involved in the Zimmerman High School drama department for years. There are many more than just my kids, I speak for all of them. These students need a dedicated space to learn and grow their talents and share them with the community.

My eigthth-grader, Katie Halter, says this, “Other groups don’t understand the difficulties of this space. We are the ones who have to do all the hard work to clear out, clean up and then re-set up for rehearsals and productions.” She’s speaking about the many times we have to make the space available for band, jazz band and choir concerts, middle school dances, community education (like wrestling), dance team, award dinners and sports banquets, and the occasional community flu shot clinic … All this while, we are trying to rehearse for a musical, one act competition piece or the spring play.

We share the smallest amount of space in the school with the largest amount of groups. We have grown this program to the wonderful place that we need more space! Support the arts, support your students, and support Zimmerman High School. — Carisa Halter, Zimmerman