RHS at 1,350 students for 10th year

by Jim Boyle

Rogers High School is in its 10th year.

The building opened nine years ago with a little more than 600 students, and there are now more than 1,350 students at the school. Therein lies one of the challenges, as it has a building capacity of 1,200.

Principal Roman Pierskalla says the school has several goals his staff will focus on. They are:

•Promoting academic growth for all students.

•Promoting a healthy, engaged school climate.

•Promoting the development of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to increase learning for all students.

The school features a few new programs this year to help with student success, including an after-school English program.

“We will have a certified English teacher after school working with students needing help in English,” Pierskalla stated.

There’s also something called Homework Lunch for students falling behind or not completing homework. They will eat lunch in a tutoring center and receive help from student tutors in order to catch up on their work.

In addition to the new district-wide math curriculum, there are some new College in the Schools classes. They are: anatomy/physiology, college German and college French.

Another initiative for the 2012–13 school year will be finding effective ways to communicate and promote what is happening at RHS with parents and the community.