Krazy Daze drew record crowd for annual event

by Nathan Warner
Contributing writer

Krazy Daze in Zimmerman drew record crowds this year, aided by the decision to combine the activities with other community events, including the fire department’s open house.

“People really got into it and were super enthusiastic,” Bill Potrament, president of the Zimmerman Civic Club, said.

This year Krazy Daze activities were hosted at the Zimmerman Home and Garden Center.

“Jozette and Sheldon Pool were such terrific hosts,” Potrament said, referring to the Zimmerman Home and Garden Center’s owners. “They managed to make it a hugely enjoyable time for everyone.”

The Pet Parade launched the activities with nearly 100 people attending and over 20 animal entries, including a 30-pound Maine coon cat named Patrick, which eyed the dogs warily as its owner carried it through the parade.

While Hannah Nelson’s damsel-dressed canine was in the reckoning, first place went to Claude, a bulldog dressed as an obsessive Vikings fan. Second place went to Kimburr, a purebred Husky puppy and third place went to Patrick.

Over 50 people went Krazy over their colorful Krazy Fairdoos, with all donations going to Passing the Bread food shelf. The children’s and adult games were well attended, and the prizes were more than the staff could contain, as tons of donations streamed in from local businesses, including over 200 toothbrushes from Pine Ridge Dental.

“We live in an amazing area,” Potrament said, “where businesses give so much back.”

As for the activities themselves, the new three-legged race and the traditional watermelon-eating contests stood out. “I still don’t know where all that watermelon went,” Potrament said, referring to the adult section of the watermelon eating contest, where contestants wolfed down huge slabs of the fruit.

At the Fremont House, a horse pen with an obstacle course served to entertain youngsters who rode stick horses around barrels and over jumps to make record times for prizes. First up was Chloe, riding her stick horse named Patches. She completed the course in 27 seconds, but was out-timed by Steven, riding his charger, at 24.6 seconds.

The fire department’s open house closed down County Road 4 with bustling activity that covered the area, displaying fire engines and other emergency vehicles, including a hovercraft. Nearby, a small herd of llamas drew people to take them on short walks in the parking lot of St. John Lutheran Church, including Westwood Elementary reporter Nicole and her sister Ashley who were both worried the creatures were going to live up to their reputation of spitting on strangers.

Reading Frenzy BookShop hosted Minnesota authors Pam Leonard with her new book, “Shadowland,” and David Holmes, who promoted his new book, “Hellburger.”

This year’s Minute-To-Win-It contest had over 800 participants, over twice the participation of last year’s contest. All three winners were from Zimmerman this year, with the first-place prize of a brand new iPad going to middle schooler Hannah Nelson. Maureen Baty and Ann Rohrback took the second and third prizes of $100 and $50 respectively.