Golf: Klaers shoots a double eagle at ERGC

Pat Klaers scored the rare double eagle on Saturday at Elk River Golf Club.

Pat Klaers

Klaers, 58, achieved the feat on No. 14, a 460-yard par five, reports club pro Chris Singer. He shot 75 for the round, playing with John Bistodeau and Bruce Smith.

The About Golf web site states that approximately 40,000 aces a year are made in the United States, compared to just a couple hundred double-eagles. Double eagles, also called “albatross,” means three-under-par on the hole.

The Double Eagle Club web site states that the odds against making a double eagle are a million to one, compared to 40,000 to one for a hole-in-one.

“Double eagles are considerably rarer,” agreed Singer. “I believe I have had three double eagles in the five years that I have been here, compared to roughly 20 holes in one.”

Klaers’ drive went about 260 yards down the middle, avoiding the pond to the left. Then he pulled the four iron out of his bag and hit another one down the middle, over a hill.

“So we couldn’t see it,” said Klaers. “When we got there, I figured it had gone over the green, but we couldn’t find it there. So Bruce Smith went back and looked in the cup, and he called out to me, ‘Pat, you better come and take a look!’ ”

Klaers has golfed since he was seven or eight. He won the ERGC seniors low gross title last year (73-77-150).

“I’ve always wanted an ace or a double eagle so this is a pretty big thrill to get one,” said Klaers. “I know the double eagle is more rare but everyone wants that hole-in-one.”