Riverfront Concert Series 2012 run ends; Rockin’ Hollywoods were top draw

Rockin’ Hollywoods wailed for a crowd of about 1,500 (shown at right) on July 19 downtown.(Photo by Aubra Podolske, Parks and Recreation)


The Riverfront Concert Series for 2012 came to a close Thursday evening as  Sell Out Stereo, a Minneapolis pop band, entertained.

Among 12 shows, which are free to the public, the most popular this year was Rockin’ Hollywoods on July 19.

A Belladiva singer mixed with kids from the audience on Aug. 9. (Photo by Aubra Podolske)


That was one of the RCS’ biggest ones ever, with close to 1,500 people, reported a Parks and Recreation official, which organizes the concerts.

Rockin’ Hollywoods, which blares out ’50s and ’60s standards, is one of the state’s most venerable acts, dating back to 1973.

Rocke Lynn sang some country Aug. 2. (Photo by Aubra Podolske)

Church of Cash, a Johnny Cash tribute, also did well, with about 1,200 fans on June 21. The rest drew around 700 to a thousand, said the official.

This year’s lone local entrant, the blues band Mooseknuckle Bros., attracted about 1,000 on July 12. Also featured this year were Brat Pack, Deuces Wild, Sound of Simon, The Medicine Show, Rocke Lynn, Balladiva, Minnesota Go-4’s, and Belfast Cowboys.

The Riverfront Concert Series has been presented for six years, sponsored each year by The Bank of Elk River.