Tennis: Rogers’ opener, at Litchfield tourney, cut short by rain

The Rogers tennis was the first District 728 squad to open its 2012-13 season on Wednesday although rain prevented the conclusion of any matches.

In what was to have been a four-team event at Litchfield, the Royals were tied with Hutchinson 3-3 with No. 3 doubles still on the court when the event was rained out.

Six matches with their second-round opponent, Litchfield, had begun as courts became available and the Royals won the first set in five of those before it rained.

Coach Debbie Conley started the season with Rachel Dodd, Julia Sporer, Samantha Fitzpatrick and Dhrite Jagannathon at 1-2-3-4 singles, with the first three winning against Hutchinson.

At doubles were Diana Koeppe/Sydney Livingston at No. 1, Kaylee Conlan/Megan Orth at No. 2, and  Savanana Sieter/Liz Rubbelke at No. 3. Katy Meyer, one of the captains, was absent due to a family matter.