Lacrosse: Grade 5-6, and 7-8, teams cap season at state tourney

GRADE 5-6 TEAM — Front (from left): Josh Daniel, Nolan Thomas, Luke Dahlheimer, Jake Edwards. Middle: Mark Wood, Noah Hill, Kayden Hendrickson, Mitchell King, Cody Simon, Tommy Laabs. Back: Grayson Dow, Coach Keaton Mumm, Ben Hixon, Lake Glaser, Cade Wyluda, Ben Libby, Drew Kiersted, Noah Haaf, Coach Josh Tripp, Zach Odegard. Not pictured: Taiyo Larson, Branden Weber, Coaches Jeff Hendrickson, Dino Daniel, John Haaf.


The Elk River boys grade 7-8 “A” and grade 5-6 “Red” teams competed at the state tournament in Chanhassen and Eden Prairie on August 3-4.

The 7-8 grade team won their opener 5-4 in overtime over Farmington on a goal by Marcus Olson. They trailed 4-0 at halftime, but mounted a rally led by  midfielder Matt Keller and goaltender Trent Modeen.  They lost to Andover in the second round.

“It was a good season,” said coach Robby Pullar. “The kids were great and a lot of fun to coach.  Every year is different and every year is fun and exciting.  It would be nice to see all the kids again next year out on the field.”

The grade 5-6 team, making its second state trip, ranked No. 9, lost to Eastview 6-2 at state, and finished 10-2. The earned the state trip with a win over Delano.

“When the boys first started their season in early spring there were many new boys and the rest of the boys only going into their second season,” said team manager Lisa Edwards.  “Our coaching staff stated from the first day of practice, ‘Winning isn’t everything; it’s teamwork, dedication, and last but not least for every sport, sportsmanship.’  I feel with this leadership it went a long way for our boys.”

Josh Tripp, who coached along with Keaton Mumm, stated, “They were a great group of kids with a ton of athletic ability, most with football or hockey backgrounds, so they really made Keaton and my jobs easy.  We just had to show up at practice, say what we needed to get done, and they did it. ”

GRADE 7-8 TEAM — 8th graders Bobby Gross, Luke Lofquist, Nolan Kivley, Marcus Olson, Josh Haaf, Trent Modeen, Matt Keller, Adam Olson, Tanner Hagglund, Bennett Bosire, Jory Pederson, Wesley Kring, Kyle Corpe, Wyatt James, Alex Haessly, Austin Shaw, and 7th graders Max Friese, Tate Nelson, and Jack Hendrickson.  Wyatt Galinski and Noah Odegard were injury call-ups for state.  Coaches were Robby Pullar, Lucus Hansen, Tim Nelson, John Haaf, and Jeff Hendrickson.


Lacrosse is growing all across the U.S., and Minnesota is seeing rapid growth at the youth levels, said Hendrickson, noting that Elk River’s program has increased three-fold in two years.

“We’re looking forward to bringing new athletes in at the younger levels and building a tradition of lacrosse in Elk River.”