Mannequin turns heads

by Jim Boyle

Motorists driving by a girl (mannequin) named Kelly are doing a double take.

She’s helping Jim and Patti Swanson of Elk River sell a 1978 Corvette. She has helped sell other vehicles for the Swansons. She’s helped advertise garage sales. And she even went on her first outing recently to help raise funds for Operation Minnesota Nice. She attended the Party in the Park at Lake Orono Park that Keller Williams Realty sponsors each year. For the party she was wearing military clothes, Patti says.

“We dress her for the seasons and the holidays,” she adds.

Kelly is actually the third mannequin in line for the Swansons. They had the first one for 20 years, but she got a little dated. The second one was stolen. Kelly has been around a couple of years.

“We get a lot of comments,” Patti stated. “Someone even said they saw me out front.”

She’ll take that as a  compliment. Kelly is, after all, quite a head-turner on Highway 10.