Baldwin calling for more communication

A high priority expressed by Baldwin residents at the 2010 visioning session was increased township communications. The town board recently scaled back the township newsletter from bi-monthly to quarterly. The town board is on record that residents should attend meetings to learn what is going on.

Elaine Philippi was simply following the town board-preferred process by encouraging Elk Lake residents to attend a roads subordinate service district workshop and learn. When she heard of the meeting cancellation the error was immediately corrected. Elaine has been publicly criticized for conveying incorrect information. It has been officially stated that Elk Lake was not the primary topic for the workshop.

Here are some FACTS:

•June 4 meeting agenda “Approve/Disapprove Workshop Regarding Township Staffing & Possible Elk Lake Estates Subordinate Service District.” June 4 meeting minutes “unanimous to approve a workshop regarding township staffing and possible Elk Lake Estates Subordinate Service District.

•June 4 meeting had 7 minutes and 24 seconds of discussion to schedule the workshop. All but a few seconds centers on the Elk Lake Estates road issue. July 2 town board meeting agenda and verbal announcement reconfirmed the workshop date and time.

•Sometime after the July 2 town board meeting apparently a private decision was made to cancel the workshop. No “cancellation notice” was ever posted including the township website or distributed. A line was simply drawn thru the workshop entry on the township monthly calendar located on the town hall window. The town calendar is NEVER posted at Marv’s Hardware like some agendas are.

Elk Lake residents have tried for many years to get their serious road drainage issues repaired. The town board has selective hearing. Even a small rain causes standing water at intersections, washed out road shoulders and residents shovel sand off their driveways. Photos are available at

Because of the very narrow lots Elk Lake Estates actually pay more Baldwin property taxes per mile of gravel road than the paved 112th Street at Baldwin’s southern border. 112th street is scheduled for a complete pavement removal and repaving next year costing $285,000. — Chuck Nagle, Baldwin Township (Editor’s note: Nagle leads, which is billed as a “citizen” initiative to engage more residents in their local government  through additional, better and more timely information.)