Otsego Festival relies on donations

The Otsego Festival for 2012 is scheduled for Sept. 15, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. This is our 11th year headed by Rose Cassady and a few “die-hard” volunteers. We have been very lucky to receive donations from local businesses, banks and the city. We are not a city function and never have been, so taxpayer dollars are not used to totally fund the festival. Seems a lot of people are confused about this. We also pay to reserve the park for two days, one needed to set it up. All this money comes from donations.

To help us make this a success we need volunteers, some for the day before for set up and some the day of the festival. The smiles on the children’s and parents’ faces and the fun they are having is reward enough that we did a good job. If you can give us a whole day or just a couple of hours, either day, please give Rose Cassady a call at 763-441-8769.

Sole purpose for the festival is to have an event for the families of Otsego to come together for a day and have some fun, but not cost an arm and a leg, especially in this economy today. The festival has always been free for the public to come to. Some festivities will come with a minimal cost, and different kinds of foods will be available. Please keep Sept. 15 on your calendar and help us make the Otsego Festival a really fun day for all. — Kathy Roberts, Otsego (Editor’s note: Roberts is an Otsego Festival volunteer.)