Michael McDonough: Keep lowering taxes, be budget wise, court business

(Editor’s note: Four candidates are running for an open Elk River City Council seat to represent Ward 3. The top two finishers in the Aug. 14 primary election will advance to the Nov. 6 general election. Below are the answers to questions posed by the Star News. To see the other candidates’ answers, click on Barb Burandt, Ryan Holmgren and Chad Wurm.)

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Michael McDonough

Occupation: Dispatch manager at Long Haul Trucking

Michael McDonough

Previous experience in elected office, if any: I have not run for office prior to this election

Previous civic and community involvement:  I played bass guitar at the Gathering at Central Lutheran. I also volunteered teaching confirmation at Central Lutheran. In regards to civic involvement, I have, since running for city council, attended work session meetings as well as council meetings. Prior to moving to Elk River I was involved in youth ministry and music ministry. In college I was involved in Model United Nations, Campus Crusades, and the walk to defeat ALS (Mankato area)

What skills and abilities do you have that would help you be a good council member? I have an understanding of business. I’ve worked in transportation for over 10 years. I understand cost analysis, market pricing and work with profit and loss tables. I work as an avenue between drivers and clients. I understand interpersonal relationships. I also have an understanding of contracts and contractual obligations.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected?

I believe that it’s important to stick to plans that the council and committees have implemented such as the FAST for 171st Avenue. Going alone does not get results. With that in mind, I aim to keep lowering taxes, to be budget wise, and to effectively court business to town.

What recent decision or decisions of the Elk River City Council have you liked or disliked and why? 

The decisions to not approve a pawn shop, to delay approving a budget for water run off, and keeping the mini storage lot in accordance with the 2010 FAST for 171st Avenue are decisions that make me proud. These decisions show that the current council works for its citizens.

What are the three biggest issues facing the city and how would you address them?

Elk River must be attractive, affordable and properly funded. I believe to make Elk River attractive and affordable taxes must be minimal and a budget must be responsibly kept. There should be a healthy tax base, balanced between businesses and property owners, with no party having an unfair tax burden. Funding may also be addressed by building community partnerships to decrease the city’s burden in areas that involve public use such as parks.