Bachmann hard to take sometimes but not on fiscal matters

It’s very easy to criticize Michele Bachmann, after all she’s not your usual “bring home the bacon” congressional representative that our citizens have grown used to.

Over the decades many of our elected representatives (including our presidents) have found favor in the eyes of voters by spending much more money than has been collected from taxes. This has been true regardless of the tax rates.

In fact, after modest across-the-board tax cuts passed by President Bush, we saw an increase in revenues collected from income tax for several years (although we also saw increases in budget spending).

A similar thing happened under President Reagan and President Kennedy. Reduction in tax rates tend to stimulate the economy to grow, bringing in more revenue which in turn tends to stimulate our leaders to find ways to spend more. Being prudent in government with other people’s money is indeed a rare trait.

What this country needs is a more stable way of collecting revenue. I’m in favor of eliminating the income tax and having a federal sales tax that is fixed, and a balanced budget amendment that requires a two-thirds vote from Congress to override in case of an emergency.

The state governments have to balance their budgets. Is it not reasonable to expect the same from the federal government?

With the federal government adding more than a trillion dollars a year to this country’s debt for our children to pay, has it not become a moral issue? Yet our president has the audacity to label this “moving forward.”

I too often find Congresswoman Bachmann’s rhetoric on Muslims and some of her Christian talk a bit hard to take. However, fiscally she is great and she will get my vote. — Brian Heacock, Elk River