Performing at the fair: “Whosah” and Zimmerman girl win music contests

Swaying to the music while “Whosah” played were Kailee Erdahl (left) and Mallory Adams. Kailee’s brother plays in the band. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


Young musicians competed in two separate contests at the fair Thursday evening, providing three hours of entertainment at the Free Stage.

Spencer Grimes (right) and Dallas Erdahl of “Whosah.” (Photo by Bruce Strand)
Jake (drums) and Mack Grimes of “Whosah.” (Photo by Bruce Strand)

The pop rock foursome Whosah won Battle of the Bands for the second straight year. Consisting of Dallas Erdahl of Elk River and three Maple Grove brothers, Jake, Mack and Spencer Grimes, they performed their own song “Geometry” along with “Call Me Maybe” and “Stand by Me.” Jake is the drummer, the others on guitar, with Spencer as lead singer.

“Dirtee Circus” throws out some Aerosmith. (Photo by Bruce Strand)


Dirtee Circus, four 20-year-olds from St. Cloud who revel in ’80s hard rock in all its long-haired, tattooed, head-tossing glory, placed second. With lead singer Beau Lastavich, guitarists Tyler Azure and Trey Gust, and drummer Jon Papineau, they performed “Sweet Emotion,” “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” and “Stand Up and Shout,” plus their own “One Man.”

Otsego duo Garrett and Jason McCombs placed third. There were only three entrants but each turned in a good performance.

Olivia Robinson
Kenzie Miller

Olivia Robinson, 11, of Zimmerman, won the Sherburne County Teen Idol contes, captivating the audience with an a cappella rendition of a gospel song “Redeemer” and Martina McBride’s “Concrete Angel.” There were six finalists after two rounds earlier in the day.

Alison Hudson

Kenzie Miller, 12, of Elk River, placed second, singing “A Thousand Years” and “The Climb,” while Alison Hudson, 10, dressed as  a cowgirl and singing “The House that Built Me” and “Only Prettier,” placed third.

Prize money was awarded for the top three in each category including $500 for first place in bands and $100 for first place in teen idol.