ERCT comedy “Noises Off” starts July 27

Actors in “Noises Off” posed comically at a recent rehearsal. Several male characters in the play have their pants fall down in various mishaps. From left are Paul C. Olson, Leita Ro Strei, Denny Chuba, Emily Bowersox, Cullen Cullott, Kristina Roe, Jonathan Rehlander, Michael Conrad and Diedra Ann. (Photo provided by ERCT)


“Noises Off,” a door-slamming farce about real actors playing fake actors playing characters in a play, will be presented by Elk River Community Theatre beginning next Friday at Zabee Theater.

The story starts with rehearsals for a play called “Nothing On,” a comedy with girls running around in their lingerie and men whose pants fall down. With only two weeks to prepare for their road run, the troupe unravels amongst their own inter-relationships along with the play’s flaws.

Michael Conrad plays Lloyd Dallas, the belabored, beleaguered director  trying to bring everyone together just to have a normal, if not spectacular, show. More details in next week’s Star News.

The play date are July 27, 28 and 29, and Aug. 2, 3, 4 and 5. Regarding tickets, the group’s website address is and phone number is 763-441-1251.