Need for woman’s voice still evident

Voters, please take notice of your polling location this year! Please come to the primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 14. I would also like to remind you, if you want to lessen the time at the polls to show your driver’s license. There are many people who speak fast and showing your license verifies whether, in my case, you have said D, B or G.

I watched the Monday night council meeting and it clearly reiterated my opinion that we need a woman on the council! Barbara Burandt is a researcher and a listener. The council needs to listen to those who speak at the open mic. These people came to express their concerns and if you are truly interested in their concerns you would give them your undivided attention. Are you council members representing your constituents or just your own opinions?

In Barbara Burandt’s profession as a lawyer she has dealt with many different types of people. She is a very calm, collected person. She researches projects so she knows exactly what she is talking about. Barb is a very humble person. No matter what ward you are from, she is concerned about you.

I implore you of Ward 3 to vote for Barbara Burandt so we of Elk River can get back on track and move forward!—Lola Driessen, Elk River