Bachmann misses the mark on job

The letter to the editor last week by Matthew Stevens is so right on. How can anyone criticize our Republican 6th District representative, Michele Bachmann? Other than the fact that she no longer lives in this district, the facts suggest she has done a bang-up job representing us. Look at her voting record for 2011. Bachmann missed 58.7 percent of the votes in the third quarter and 91.3 percent of the votes in the last quarter (Congressional Records). But she was showing great wisdom in not being in D.C. for these votes and wasting time casting votes for our district. After all, these votes probably had to do with job policies and nothing at all with light bulb regulations or anti-Muslim legislation. You know, the really important stuff.

Also, look at all the town hall meetings she held last year. Oh, that’s right. They were all in Iowa or other states. She has to visit these other states, in that she gets 80 percent of her campaign contributions from outside Minnesota. We just don’t have enough oil executives or defense contractors that live in our impoverished district to fully fund her campaign or help pay for the reported $122,200 she paid last year on hair and makeup (Huffington Post).

Having called her office several times over her terms in Congress, I can tell you it is an interesting experience. They always say at the office that they will transfer your opinions to Bachmann and someone will get back to you, (but) they don’t return calls.

So lets not criticize our Rep. Bachmann and work to send her back to D.C. After all, who will protect our incandescent light bulbs? — Art Hennington, Elk River